Technical Visit of Rosvita Timur İmrağ Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School

Senior students of Rosvita Timur İmrağ Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in the field of Machine Technology visited our company under the leadership of their branch teachers. The technical trip program, which started with presentations made by experts in the field, ended with a tour of the production area.

08 Jun

Technical Visit of Turkish-German University Inscience Club

Under the leadership of the Turkish-German University Inscience Club, eight students from engineering departments visited our company as part of a technical trip. The technical trip started with presentations by authorized persons from the Project department and Design department, which is ended with field trips to the production areas.

09 Feb

Future Engineers Summit Event

We met with the engineers of the future at the Future Engineers Summit Event, which we participated as the Main Sponsor of the Mechanical Engineering Summit.

09 Feb

IT Stars Competition Awards

The biOnay Electronic Authentication System (EKDS) and Card Access Device (KEC) project, one of our group companies, won the first prize in the Private Sector Category of the IT Stars Domestic and National / Original Projects Competition.

28 Dec

Story of KAT Mechatronic

Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture carried out physical environment control, design and energy modeling in parallel in this project. With this way, operating costs were optimized, production and living spaces were designed, and the goal of an ecological building, one of the basic parameters of factory design, was addressed in a realistic way. *In order to make the building more resistant to earthquake movements, the production areas where high tonnage press machines are used were placed on the foundation and the structural connection with the office block was broken with dilatation. *New generation building materials with low operating and maintenance costs such as zinc and aluminum were preferred in the shell design to capture different perspectives on design.

12 May

Boğaziçi Summit of Automotive

Boğaziçi University Engineering Club (ENSO) organized a career summit called Boğaziçi Automotive Summit (BOZ) on December 21, 2019. BOZ attracted great interest from students as a comprehensive and prestigious event where senior executives from the best companies in the automotive industry came together and made presentations, offering one-on-one meetings with valuable executives at Lunch and Coffee Breaks, providing the opportunity to experience business life with Case Studies and Workshops with internship awards, and having a pleasant time with award-winning games.

28 Dec