Mechanical Measurement and Testing

Measurement Equipments

CT (Computed Tomography)

CNC Video Measurement System

Camera Measurement System

Surface Roughness Testing

Hardness Testing

Material Analysis

Material Analysis

With our XRF device we are able to analyse the content of purchased materials and thus control it's purity and conformity according Reach- RoHs standard.

Parametric Tests

Tests which require diverse heat ranges

Parameter Tests

Haptic Measurement

Illumination Measurement

Force - Distant Measurement

Optical Inspection

CANbus-LINbus Communication

Electrical Tests

Electrical Tests

Isolation Tests

Dielectric Tests

Environment Tests

Climatic Tests

Thermal Test Shock

Salt Spray Test

Harmful Gas Test

Water Test

Flammability Test

Mechanical Tests

Vibration Test

Dust Test

Mechanical Shock Test

Free Fall Test

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